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Basic Science Department

The Department is a multi-disciplinary in nature with faculty from divers discipline such as Engineering, Math, Applied physics, applied chemistry & Communication skills. The curriculum is in tunneling rapid advancements in the respective domains & makes education unique. Department provides an encouraging environment to impart the fundamental concepts of problem solving ability of it’s students, so that they become technocrats of high caliber.

Major Laboratories :-

Applied Chemistry Lab, Applied Physics Lab Work Shop, Electrical Lab, Civil Lab, Chemistry Lab.

Major Equipments
Distilled water Plant, Spectrophotometer, Crystal model, Read wood Viscometer Conductivity Polar meter with tube Ultrasonic interferometer by Thomason’s method.

Physics Lab :-

Major Equipments
Newton’s rings set up 45’ inclined glass plate, optically plane, plano convex lenses.E/M by Thomson’s Method Set PN junction diode Characteristics apparatus Band gapof semiconductor diode (analog) Transistor characsteristics input output characteristics of transistor in C.E. configuration Diffraction Grating (15000LPI)

Electrical Lab :-
Electrical Engineering Laboratory: This lab has a reputation of its own. Electrical Engineering lab is one of the most important lab in the basic science department. Electrical Engineering lab is highly sophisticated as well as equipped.

Major Equipment :-

  • D.C. motors / Generators
  • Single phase / 3 phase motors
  • Single phase / 3 phase circuit
  • Digital / Analog Millimeters
  • Transformer & test Setup
  • Rectifier
  • Network theory setup

Electrical Engineering Laboratory commitment is to provide quality education related to basic electrical knowledge and electrical power Generation.