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Archive for Month: June 2017

Mechanical Engineering

Aim of Course is to develop competence in core areas and to craft Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineering is the key in wealth creation by converting raw materials into finished goods. The value of the material increases when it undergoes several processes, operations & treatments. Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed […]

Civil Engineering

Motive to start Civil Engineering Course is to develop Entrepreneurs civil engineers and consultants who Design or build civil engineering construction to make the world more agreeable place to live in and also to serve our nation by joining military engineering services. Civil Engineering is the oldest and most respected […]

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

With the rapid development in telecommunication, VLSI, and Embedded system applications & Medical electronic, instrumentation & Control, Electronics is offering challenging carrier opportunities to electronics professionals in all walks of human. The corporate house state and center governments development need fastest retrieval of information for decision making process this coerce […]

Computer Science

The department of Computer science and Engineering was established in the year 2001. The department aims at technical and professional competency and also aids in calculating moral and ethical values. The alacrity of the students to learn makes it easier for the department of Computer Science and Engineering to produce […]


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