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The institute’s competitiveness is calibrated by its Training and placement cell. Our T&P cell provides a strategic advantage to the students in terms of rich industrials exposure. We have a practice T&P cell to guide the students and establish interface with industry for the placements of students.

The cell works in co-ordination with the reputed industries, giving the students requisite direction and resources to secure their industrial training and dream of jobs. To address the demands of modern education, prominent academicians and industrialists constantly enlighten the students through their valuable seminars, speeches, acts our attempt to increase industry – institute interaction is also meaningful for students and faculty also.

We have separate hostel for boys and girls. The hostel can accommodate 100 boys and 100 girls. Single room accommodation is given to the final years students. They students. They are also permitted to use their own computers in their own rooms. The mess is spacious with a dining hall and kitchen. Separate seating arrangements are made for both boys and girls.

Rules & Regulations

  • Students must occupy the rooms allotted to them by the warden.
  • Students should refrain from anti-social and undesirable activities such as consumption of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, ragging etc.
  • Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the hostel based on a phone call.
  • Parents are requested to give a list of authorized visitors/local guardians. Visitors not mentioned in the list will not be permitted to visit the students in hostel.
  • Students will be permitted to go home only if the college is closed continuously for five days or more.
  • Any students wishing to attend a function in the house, marriage or any other ceremony will be permitted to go only if the request is made by the parents to the principal.
  • Visitors are allowed on holidays from 11.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

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Management Committee :

01 Shri. Gopinathrao Pandurangrao Munde President
02 Shri. Ashok Hasanand Samat Vice-President
03 Shri. Somnathappa Nagnathappa Halge Secretary
04 Shri. Vikas Ramchandra Dubey Member
05 Sou. Pradnyatai Gopinathrao Munde Member
06 Shri. Panditanna Pandurangrao Munde Member
07 Sou. Pankaja Charudatta Palve Member